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love this show way too much right now. 

love this show way too much right now. 

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Day One #backathocrox

so I just got to school. Not even unpacked yet and I feel the need to blog so you know that something MAJOR has happened. 

This girl really fucking pissed me off.

I get to school. I am super excited to be back. New year, new roommate, new possibilities in the prime Snobbylandia of New England.

I am bringing stuff into my room talking to my cousin about the school stuff when I look up and there is the “girl” wrapped in a bath robe looking like she belongs in Michael Jackson’s Thriller talking about how I should keep it down, and stop yelling because she is trying to sleep- I swear those were words she used. She held her mouth as if she was going to throw up and went back inside her room which is directly across the hall from mine. Bad Fucking Hit. 

I couldn’t even fucking move a muscle I was so mad.  First of all.. I FUCKING PAY TO GO HERE YOU DUMB BITCH JUST LIKE YOU. You ARE NOT BY ANY MEANS superior to me.  I can come into this building at any time and talk how I want to. If you can’t deal with it too bad.  SECOND OF ALL! Don’t you ever, ever, ever fuck with a crazy Dominican! Like me.  And Third of all I seriously feel bad for you because in the last five minutes of my arrival you managed to deteriorate any little bit of neighborly kindness I had for you. 

I should note that I strive to be respectful of others space! Always. The thing that made me ANGRY was that she was accusing me and my family of YELLING and she didn’t ask nicely. She said it as if she was the muddafucking boss. You ain’t Rick Ross, you might look like him though, I’ll give you that.

Haha, I feel better now. 


gary. i love you :)

missing you..

Do I need to start blogging again or what? more coming … swoon ;)

hello spring, hello life

MIA- i blame school work as well as my newly acquired propensity to get easily bored.  

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